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Do you assist with claim processing?
  We do not provide claim processing or accept any type of insurance.
Is your web site secure?
  Yes. Our shopping cart system is fully secure, and we also protect your credit card information after we receive it.

Many sites store their customers' credit card information on the Internet, where it is vulnerable to hackers. So while your information may be protected as it is being sent to the web site, it is not fully protected afterwards. This later stage is where major security problems occur, because it is easier to break into a large database and steal thousands of credit cards than to intercept individual orders and steal one credit card at a time. Most cases of credit cards stolen from a web site that you hear about in the news is from people breaking into a company's database. We do not store our customers' credit card information on the Internet.
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"Working with GNR has been an absolute pleasure for me. I cannot name all the times this amazing company has gone above and beyond in order to help with my needs. I highly recommend them to anyone. GNR has become my one-stop-shop for all my business”.
- Jason L. PT
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